Our Vision

Our Organization

FPAWS is a non-profit corporation chartered in January 1976 providing support and services to foster families throughout the State of Washington. We are a registered 501(c) 3, EIN 23-7300163, and a state affiliate of the National Foster Parent Alliance.

Today FPAWS is a support and advocacy organization representing adoptive/foster/kinship and birth parent voices at the Regional, State and National levels.

Our Vision

FPAWS believes all children are entitled to a safe and nurturing family experience, and families recruited to provide such experiences deserve to be retained, respected and supported by the community.

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Our Mission

Promote self-efficacy of caregivers, children and their families.

What We Do

Foster parents come at this work with hope and desire to make the life of a child better. FPAWS recognizes that caregivers are at different places along the path, the journey towards helping children. FPAWS wants to meet caregivers and families where they are and help in any way we can. We bring hundreds of combined years of knowledge gathered, of relationships developed, of experience in all things foster care, to do the best we can to provide that support.

  • Through our foster care support line for comprehensive resource, referral and information sharing (1-800-391-2273)
  • FPAWS Board Regional Representatives can be relied on as a local resource for collaboration, fundraising and advocacy efforts
  • FPAWS Regional Conferences in each region bring together local resource providers, to share information with caregivers, as well as offer training hours
  • FPAWS website: you are here! We envision this as a comprehensive resource web site for caregivers at any point in their journey. Please let us know if it can be improved.

FPAWS takes pride

in serving you on many committees and commissions.

FPAWS takes pride in serving you on many committees and commissions. These groups have several things in in common. Most importantly, they are packed with incredible people, committed to making life better for the children in care. Foster parent input is vital to the improvement of the foster care system.

  • 30 years ago, we started the Child Welfare Advocacy Coalition. CWAC brings together over 50 organizations from across Washington state in an effort to present a unified voice for child welfare policy and practices.
  • Because of our efforts to bring foster parents, indeed the voices of all caregivers, together, HB1624 was passed in 2007.  This is an opportunity for the voice of foster parents to be heard by state policymakers.
  • We are a proud  member of the Washington Association of Children and FamiliesWACF supports private, community-based foster care agencies that recruit, license, train, and support foster families. 
  • We serve on a variety of Governor’s Task Force groups, DCYF committees and workgroups, as needed, and offer feedback and input on legislative or departmental changes, plans and proposals.

FPAWS will continue to bring your voice to all these other groups. We can only bring forth what we hear from you. Connect with your local 1624 leadership, or become the leader, hang with your local support group, or use the FPAWS “Taking in Concerns” form to raise your concerns through us.  


Contact us at 1-800-391-2273 or email [email protected]

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