FPAWS Board members

FPAWS Board Members


Jazz Dozier (Region 5)

Board Co-President

Mary McGauhey

Board Co-President

Mary is a foster parent in Region 3 who cares for Developmentally Delayed Treatment Foster youth. Mary is the voice at the end of the FPAWS 800-391-2273 line. She talks with over 2000 people per year. Mary is a volunteer on the task force for educating foster families concerning the mental health system through the Bright Futures grant. She has been a therapeutic foster parent for over 13 years and has fostered over 35 children specializing in developmental delays and mental health issues. She developed and coordinated a respite program for children from families impacted by mental health issues with Compass Mental Health. She has been a trainer and advocate for families with special needs children; assisting with resolution of Special Education and IEP issues, since 1977. Currently, she is developing a foster family support program, “Heart Beat” in Snohomish County for foster/kinship families with Native American children.


Robert & Sarah Gammons-Reese

Co-Vice Presidents

Angela Lujan


Christin Kundert

Treasurer/Administrative Staff

Christin is a former foster parent of eight years and adoptive parent of a sibling group from foster care. Since becoming a foster parent in 1999, she had been actively involved in FPAWS after receiving support for CPS investigations and foster parent mentoring. She was a FPAWS staff for the FIRST program, the board treasurer, she coordinated caregiver support groups, and worked to recruit and retain foster parents. She continues to volunteer her time and knowledge to help Tracy and Mike reach their goals.
Christin is a self-employed Event Manager with Ducks in a Row Events, a former DSHS licensing caregiver trainer and special topics trainer for caregivers. She created the Tax Tips for Foster Parent workshop and handbook that is still being used today. Christin is passionate about education and support on issues of mental health, LGBTQ+, parenting, and resources. She believes “when you know better, you do better” … Maya Angelou.


Dorothy Gordor

First Families Representative Board Member

Celeste DiFlaviano (Region 5)

Board Member

Celeste comes to the FPAWS Board from Community and Family Services Foundation. She is dedicated to helping FPAWS work on systems issues so kids in care have a better chance for success. Celeste also loves to keep moving. If there is down time, she finds something that needs doing. FPAWS can count on Celeste to make our Conferences run smoothly and look great! 


Shala Crow (Region 3)

Board Member

Shala and her family fostered over 50 children and  are the adoptive family of a sibling group of 3.  In serving as the Program Director of Fostering Together, Shala was able serve foster parents in a wide variety of ways. Including trainings, events, support groups and other resources. Advocating for foster parents and helping them to keep fostering. In addition Shala served for 10 years as a representative for Region 3 for Washington State’s 1624 Foster Parent Consultation Team and recently became a board member for the Foster Parent Association of Washington State (FPAWS). Currently she is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Foster Hearts, who serve foster children in the PNW.


Beth Canfield

Board Member

Foster Family Support Team

Staff and volunteers

Beth and me4_n

Mike Canfield

Executive Director

Beth & Mike have been involved with FPAWS since the early 1990s. They started as house parents in a group home for up to 10 severely emotionally and mentally disturbed adolescent boys on March 3rd 1983, and developed their foster home to work with those youth stuck in the group care system. Mike started working as a Child and Family therapist and is now a Master Trainer and Consultant for the State’s Aggression Replacement Training Program. In 1989 Beth became a Fosterparentscope Trainer and continued to run Caregiver Core Training, pre-service, and other in-service trainings with the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence into the year 2016. In July of 2015 the Board made Mike the Executive Director because of the time it takes to keeps FPAWS moving forward. Beth soon became a FPAWS Consultant. Together Mike and Beth have trained foster parents around the country. Mike’s parents and their oldest son have also fostered, making 3 generations committed to helping improve children’s lives. One son (#2) is a Juvenile Probation Officer and their youngest is a nurse. They have 6 grandchildren.

Mark and Tracy Freckleton

Tracy Freckleton

Director of Program Development

Tracy was a foster parent for 9 1/2 years.  She served as an intern with FPAWS after graduating with a degree in Public Health she stayed on as volunteer staff to support the great work that FPAWS is doing to support families involved with foster care.  Tracy and her husband have welcomed relationships with the families of each of their foster children and work to help build family partnerships. She and her husband Mark are foster parents that have also adopted. Tracy has helped build the dream programs of the FPAWS Board. Tracy has dedicated her life to blessing the lives of children through her interactions with the adults in their lives. She does this now as she works with foster, adoptive and relative families to build efficacy and skills that will enrich the lives of the children they care for. Tracy works to find innovative ways to support, educate and retain foster and caregiving families throughout Washington State.

Pearl Endicott

Family Time Network Supervisor

Jac Fitzgerald


Jac is a professional programmer and foster parent in Seattle. After she and her partner were licensed in 2018, she reached out to FPAWS hoping to turn fpaws.org into a broad source of information for everyone involved in foster care in Washington. She has volunteered in the Treehouse Wearhouse for several years and began serving on the Ambassador Board in 2020. Since moving to Seattle in 2009, she has also volunteered (mostly for website assistance) for Babies of Homelessness, Northwest Immigrant Rights Program, Seattle Association of Women in Science and the Northwest Community Bail Fund

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