Healthcare For Foster Youth

Healthcare For Foster Youth


WA low-income health insurance is called “Apple Health”.

All current foster youth in WA (unless they are in tribal care and opt out) are covered by Apple Health Core Connections, run by Coordinated Care – This coverage includes a Care Coordination team, to help find doctors or other medical services that meet a specific persons needs.

This coverage continues after a child leaves foster care, if they stay in WA:

  • for 12 months after returning home
  • as long as they receive adoption support
  • for youth who were in care on their 18th birthday, until they turn 26.

You can find a comprehensive guide to Coordinated Care here:

Members can always get support from the team by emailing [email protected], or calling 24/7 at 1-844-354-9876 (Dial 2 for Member Services).


Teladoc became available on February 1st for all AHCC members in foster care, adoption support, alumni of care, and reunified youth. AHCC members (or their caregivers) can use the Teladoc website or app, create an account, and contact a Washington State licensed provider about a range of issues, including respiratory or flu-like symptoms. And every member over 18 can also get behavioral health counseling directly through the app, including regular appointments.

Mental Health

Besides access to counselling through Teladoc, current and former foster youth can request therapy through the non-profit A Home Within, which provides open-ended, individual psychotherapy, free of charge.

CHERISH™ (CHildren Encouraged by Relationships in Secure Homes) is a program that offers a variety of services to promote the social/emotional well-being of children involved in the child welfare system who are living in out-of-home placements (or “dependency”).



Pierce County: Community Health Care in Pierce County offers a Foster Adoption Clinic at Hilltop Regional Health Center, offering trauma-informed care intended to provide a consistent care experience for youth in foster care from initial required visits through managing their own health as young adults aged out of care. To make an appointment directly with the clinic’s front desk, call 253-722-1771.


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