1624 – Liaisons between Foster Parents and DCYF

1624 reps are elected representatives from among foster parents in each region to help navigate and resolve issues & concerns. Those things they cannot resolve on a local or regional level, they can elevate to the state wide level through quarterly meetings with DCYF. They hold meetings with foster parents and share current & accurate information as soon as possible, including local resources and supports. 

Meeting information and DCYF contact information: https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/about/community-engagement/fp-1624

2022 representatives

Region 1:
Rushell Thelen
Mary Robinson

Region 2:
Kristina Johnson,
Teri Gilk
Amanda Lawrence
Stephanie Gordon

Region 3:
Emmanuel Camarillo
Suzy Baroud
Mary McGauhey

Region 4:
Katie Biron
Liz Wisham

Region 5:
Nathan LaChine
Erika Thompson

Region 6:
Christine Patterson
Jeannine Mills

Mike Canfield, Tracy Freckleton



In 2006, FPAWS and WA foster parents were talking about unionizing. As a compromise, Rep. Kagi met with our FPAWS Presidents and came up with HB1624: specifically this section of the law that calls for consultation between the Department and Foster Parents.

The department shall have the duty to provide child welfare 23 services and shall:

Consult at least quarterly with foster parents, including members of the foster parent association of Washington state, for the purpose of receiving information and comment regarding how the department is performing the duties and meeting the obligations specified in this section and RCW 74.13.250 and 74.13.320 regarding the recruitment of foster homes, reducing foster parent turnover rates, providing effective training for foster parents, and administering a coordinated and comprehensive plan that strengthens services for the protection of children. Consultation shall occur at the regional and statewide levels.

The archived 1624 notes are available on the DCYF web page:  https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/services/foster-parenting/fp-1624


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