Have an issue? 1624 Foster Parent Concern Submission

Have an issue? 1624 Foster Parent Concern Submission

The 1624 Board is comprised of volunteer foster parent representatives and regional/statewide leaders from the Department of Children Youth and Families, DCYF. We meet quarterly to discuss issues that directly affect the recruitment and retention of Washington State foster families.

Use the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12dfRMGLGvTdo5y_ImEZPvyJSCBUafUPD0f7P1zh4Sfk/viewform?c=0&w=1 to submit any issues that you would like us to discuss at one of our meetings. When submitting, please consider that 1624 exists to find solutions for widespread, systemic issues. If the issue that you are raising relates only to a specific child or case, please don’t submit an issue here. Instead contact FPAWs (fpaws.org) or your retention liaison through the Alliance. However, if you want to submit your experience as an example of a problem that is common within the system, we would love to hear it.

* Note that this form is distributed to the volunteer foster parent representatives only. Children’s Administration staff does not have access to your responses.
* Please do not share confidential information, such as the name of your foster child or your social worker.


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