Children w/ behav. challenges being sent home from school

Children w/ behav. challenges being sent home from school

1624 follow up – Children w/ behav. challenges being sent home fromschool

 The information below is a follow-up to the January state CAFPT (1624) Team meeting and the discussion on children and youth who are being sent home from school after problematic behavioral and/or aggressive displays at school.  The team was presented information on discussing the child’s behavioral plan and requesting a review for those children on an IEP, or if something in the 504 accommodation plan may address the issue.  Also caregivers are encouraged to seek resources and information from the Children’s Administration Educational Leads in each Region and or from Treehouse.  The information below has been provided to assist caregivers by Shanna McBride, CA’s Education Program Manager:

Below is the CA  Ed Lead contact list, Treehouse’s contact information and several FAQ and guidebook references created by Treehouse, CA and OSPI.  Please feel free to pass any or all of the information on. 

When a caregiver has a youth facing a discipline challenge it is always best to;

1.    call a meeting with the teacher and principal,

2.    contact the social worker for support and talk about an Education Advocacy referral,

3.     ask for a review of any behavior plans or IEP’s. 

If those steps are not successful the caregiver may choose to call either of the below through OSPI;

4.    OSPI Special Education Parent Liaison

5.    Request Mediation if a solution between the school and caregiver cannot be reached and a child remains out of school.

Shanna indicated that Ed leads can be available to present information at foster parent/caregiver support group meetings to provide further information to caregivers

Also CA’s Education Advocacy Contract allows for the provision of training to social workers and caregivers.  Shanna will check on how that might be scheduled if caregivers and social workers are interested.  

Below are resources for all caregivers and CA staff:

·         Children’s Administration Ed Leads

·         Treehouse Statewide Education Advocacy Program.  Caregivers may contact an Education Advocate at any time for a consult regarding next steps. Next steps may include the advocate and caregiver talking to the child’s social worker regarding and Education Advocacy referral.  2100 24th Avenue S./Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98144-4643 Tel: 206.767.7000 Fax: 206.767.7773  Please direct all email inquiries to [email protected].

·         Educational Advocacy: Discipline and Special Education FAQ

·         Treehouse Page on Discipline Tips.

·         The Family Guide to Working with Schools – School Discipline (pp. 44-58)

·         Source: Washington State Office of Education Ombuds, Treehouse, TeamChild Steps and students’ rights in the school disciplinary process

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