Clothing Vouchers

Clothing Vouchers

In a July 24, 2014 meeting with Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary Children’s Administration, she agreed that children coming into a  foster home without sufficient clothing are entitled to a $200 clothing voucher. Jennifer adds that it will take time for the word to trickle down to the Social Workers, so if there are any issues she would like foster parents to take it up the chain until you get the voucher. If you have any questions, contact FPAWS.  In July 2016 Jennifer sent out a message to her staff reminding them of the policy. Her is the policy:

TO:                  Children’s Administration All Staff

FROM:            Jennifer A. Strus, Assistant Secretary                          Children’s Administration

RE:                  Clothing Vouchers for Children in Out of Home Care (Licensed and Un-Licensed)

Effective immediately, $200 clothing vouchers will be authorized for children at initial placement whether the child is placed in a licensed foster home or with an unlicensed caregiver. The Clothing Vouchers Policy for Children in Out of Home Care (4537) has been updated. Additional clothing vouchers up to $200 may be authorized with RA approval, not to exceed one time per year after initial placement when there is an exceptional clothing need. Examples of an exceptional need include:

  • the child’s clothing has been destroyed
  • the child has had significant growth spurt
  • the child has a medical condition that requires additional clothing.

Exceptional clothing needs can be approved by the RA or designee if there no other local community resources available and the need cannot be met through the clothing allowance provided in the monthly foster care payment (for those licensed).  (See below)

Child’s Age

Shelter [1]



Personal Incidentals*

Total Level I

0-5 Years






6-11 Years






12+ Years






[1] The cost estimate for shelter include a “base housing number” of $239 based on HUD fair market rent data and additional estimated shelter costs of $33 based on the marginal cost of certain Consumer Expenditure Survey codes related to IV-E allowable costs.

[2] The cost estimate for food is based on USDA food diaries for moderate income individuals and does not exclude costs related to the availability of WIC for 0-5 year olds and school lunches for school age youth.

*Cost estimates for clothing and personal incidentals are based on USDA average costs for 2 parent/2 child households using Consumer Expenditure Survey codes related to IV-E allowable costs. 

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