DCYF announces impacts on respite care

DCYF announces impacts on respite care

DCYF emailed caregivers to say that access to respite will be reduced for state foster families during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Regional placement staff will not accept requests for respite for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, effective April 6, 2020. Caseworkers may request respite support for a family in emergent circumstances with the approval of their supervisor.
  • Caregivers can reach out to their caseworkers to discuss their support needs and identify services that may be available to support the family. This may include referrals to mental health services or DCYF contracted resources. It should be noted that the majority of these services are currently being provided via telehealth or videoconference.
  • FTDMs or other shared planning meetings can be held via videoconference or conference call to identify supportive resources and support placement stabilization.
  • We recognize that caregivers may have an identified respite provider that they regularly use. If a caregiver has a respite provider with whom they work directly and who is willing to continue with respite, the service can still be funded. The payment and documentation process within DCYF remains the same.
  • Child Placing Agencies may continue to provide respite within their available resources.

See the full email at https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/WADEL/bulletins/2851fc1

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