DCYF: Foster parents can choose either remote or in-person participation at public schools

DCYF: Foster parents can choose either remote or in-person participation at public schools

update: this policy is now available on the DCYF website

Additional note from WACF: OSPI maintains a list of accredited online public schools. If your school district is requiring in-person attendance and you think it is in your child’s best interests not to attend, you can transfer them to a school from this list and it does not require an admin or court approval – these are public schools.  If the student is moving from the school they were in last spring a Best Interest Determination does need to occur and a School Notification form should be sent to the foster care liaisons of the exiting and entering school districts.

From DCYF:

During the pandemic, out-of-home caregivers will be permitted to make decisions to allow either remote or in-person attendance at a child’s public school, just as they are permitted to make other important decisions for the children for whom they care.  These decisions should be made with the family’s safety and the child’s individual needs and best interest in mind, in consultation with the child’s team (including the case worker, the child and the legal parents). In the event that there is serious disagreement, the foster parent should work with the child’s social worker, who can reach out to their supervisors;  if necessary DCYF will develop a process to manage these decisions.

See the DCYF School Placement Best Interest Determination guidance sheet for reference and important questions that should be considered:School Placement “Best Interest Determination” Guidance

At this time, DCYF staff are still required to seek permission through the administrative approval process for home based instruction (a.k.a homeschooling) and alternative education options that are not affiliated with the district or accredited through the public school system, as outlined in the existing policy. 

For additional questions on school enrolment or related topics, contact [email protected]

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