DCYF instructions for in-person visits

DCYF instructions for in-person visits

emailed today from DCYF:

Based on consultation with the Department of Health (DOH), we are confident that some children can safely return to in-person visits soon. DCYF will work to reinstate in-person visits, but in light of other limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic, visits may still be provided through a combination of remote and in-person visits.

DCYF has created guidance for caseworkers, transportation providers and visit supervisors for safely organizing and carrying out in-person visits for children in foster care, detailed in the below document:

DCYF is exploring options to locate additional masks and cleaning supplies; however, due to shortages of these items, families, caregivers, court partners and providers are encouraged to contribute these items to facilitate in-person visits.

Communication during this time is essential. If you are have questions about visitation, please talk with your caseworker. If you have a contracted community provider, you can also talk with them about your concerns or questions.

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