DCYF looking for staff in new shelters : explanation

DCYF looking for staff in new shelters : explanation

Recently there has been a lot of concern expressed about the meaning of some job ads placed by DCYF looking for social workers to work at new 24-hour shelters. Some people thought these shelters would hold kids who were not in foster care.

DCYF has apologized for creating confusion and worry, and released explanations for these jobs and shelters. In short, the shelters were being created because it’s always hard to find a home for teenagers in foster care, and a systemic problem like covid-19 makes it even more difficult.

See their press release here:

Bethel, one of the organizations named in the original job postings, has also released a public statement explaining how they were involved, echoing the DCYF explanation that this was intended to provide additional options for older youth in care who couldn’t find a placement because they had been exposed to covid-19.

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