DCYF will not require foster parents to be vaccinated against COVID

DCYF will not require foster parents to be vaccinated against COVID

An announcement from DCYF by email:

Following last week’s message about the COVID-19 vaccine phases, we know many of you are wondering if DCYF will require you to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The answer is no.

DCYF will not require staff, caregivers, providers, or the children and youth in our care to get vaccinated.

As a reminder, personal vaccination information should be discussed with your health care provider who can provide further guidance on where you fall in the vaccine distribution phases, based on your medical history.

For those who opt to not get vaccinated, keep in mind that personal protective equipment, including face masks, will still be used. At this time, we do not know what that will look like but we will continue to look at the Governor’s Office, the Department of Health (DOH), and the Department of Labor and Industries for guidance.

The COVID-19 vaccine is used to prevent you from getting COVID-19. Currently, medical experts believe there are no changes to transmission, meaning a vaccinated individual can still transmit the virus to another person.

As of Jan. 12, approximately 80 DCYF Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) staff opted to get vaccinated during phase 1a of the vaccine distribution, which was available for:

– High-risk workers in health care settings.
– High-risk first responders.
– Long-term care facility residents.
– All other workers at risk in health care settings.

Providers of child care, congregate care, in-home services, Family Time, etc., will have access to the vaccine as outlined in Washington’s COVID-19 Vaccine Phases. More information about future phases will be provided in the coming weeks. For additional COVID-19 vaccine information, visit the DOH website.

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