Educational resources for foster kids

Educational resources for foster kids

Wave Learning Festival (WLF) is a non-profit organization run by college students that provides virtual, free, live education resources for students in grades 4-12 around the world.

While many students may be going back to in-person school, the increasing gap and instability in education does not stop, especially for foster care youth. We understand that foster youth arrive at school with inherent barriers to academic success and lack the academic resources they need. WLF offers free tutoring, workshops and speaker events in the fall/spring, and seminar classes during the summer to continue students’ passion for learning beyond their reach of school. 

Wave 4 Seminar signups close today, August 4

This summer, WLF is offering exciting seminar classes completely free of charge to students across the world. These classes will be taught over the course of 3 weeks on Zoom by college and upper-level high school students serving as instructors in subjects they are passionate about! There will be 37 courses across a variety of subjects for Wave 4 running from August 9 to August 27. Our volunteer educators have worked hard to prepare engaging and thoughtful curricula and can’t wait to share their passions with you. Our current course offerings have something for everyone, from Wonders of the Nanoscale World, to Economic Concepts for Everyday Life, to even Cultures of the Ancient World and many more! Classes will include interactive components that allow students to learn in a low-pressure and supportive environment. 

PEERGUIDE provides free educational assistance to K-9th grade students who don’t have sufficient academic support at home.

Tutors are current or former WA high school students interested in supporting others, who maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. They provide homework assistance and explanation of academic concepts over Zoom (there will be no homework assigned).

We are looking to create social environments for the students we tutor, as students only engage in learning when they are having fun doing so.

Know of more programs available to support foster youth in school?

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