Becoming a provider with FPAWS FTN

Becoming a provider with FPAWS FTN

Family Time network visitation supervisors will need at least 30 hours of training before providing any supervision, to help children and families who have experienced trauma of all kinds. We expect all of our visit supervisors to be dedicated to reunification of families as well as helping to create permanency for the children and families that they serve.


Visitation Supervisors/ Transporters will be paid for time with the child. This includes transportation, not miles. Starting rate is $14-18 per hour.

Starting documentation

FPAWS FTN works as a coordination platform to connect families and organizations with independent visit supervisors, offering support to all parties involved. As independent professionals providing a service to families and children who are undergoing enormous stress, we do require a lot of documentation from our supervisors – all the documents listed below are required before we can schedule any visit time. If you are looking for more information or would like to support families caring for foster children please contact us at [email protected].



Ongoing training requirements

All of these trainings are free to Contract Supervisors.

Monthly training conferences (included with FPAWS caregiver training)
  • Social Skills Training
  • De-Escalation skills
  • Communication skills
Initial training
  • Invitation to Aggression Replacement Training
  • Communication Skills and Letters of Understanding
Virtual Weekly Meeting
  • Virtual Weekly Meeting
  • Check in
  • Problem Solve

Frequently Asked Questions

● What type of insurance will be required? Will it be the one with the 1 million dollar limit?
Yes, general liability insurance is required at the $1M limit. Business Auto insurance is also required.
● Will mileage be reimbursed? Rate? Only after 60 miles?
Mileage is not reimbursed per mile currently, but the time spent with the child is at the same rate as visitation.
● Can you pick up family time contracts in your surrounding counties or do you just provide services in the county in which you reside?
Yes, you can pick up as many contracts and locations as you would like. You are in control of how many contracts you take.
● Is there a minimum amount of visitation contracts that a provider is expected to accept?
There are no minimum contracts, we are asking that contractors only accept contracts that they can fulfill.
● What is the expectation in regards to where family time will take place?
Family Time can occur in your own home, at a location near the families. We have a list of sites that are suitable for visitation.
● What is the rate of pay? The rate of pay is $14-18 for the first year.

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