Foster parent vaccine eligibility: Phase 1B2

Foster parent vaccine eligibility: Phase 1B2

email from DCYF to Mike Canfield, March 10:

Foster parents will be eligible for the vaccine under phase 1B2 

Phase 1B2 begins on Wednesday March 17 (citation).

  • Use the WA Phase Finder to get proof of your eligibility as a critical worker on the WA Essential Critical Workers list (under Other Community Based : “Workers who provide or determine eligibility for food, shelter, in-home supportive services, child welfare….. and other necessities of life”).
  • Use the WA Vaccine Locator to find places that have notified the state that they have vaccine appointments. This may not include all possible vaccine locations – check for city or county information local to you as well. If you have trouble using the internet or need help finding or making an appointment, contact the state’s toll-free COVID-19 helplines at 800-525-0127 (press #) and 888-856-5816 or email questions to [email protected].

(Note that foster parents over 50 have been eligible already under the category of multi-generational households: older adults caring for children other than their own.)

This supercedes earlier guidance from DCYF on January 25 (still listed on their covid vaccine page as of March 15) that said younger foster parents would be eligible in Phase 1B4, because on March 4 DOH changed the phase criteria for Phase 1B2 to remove the age criteria.

*March 4 DOH announcement: 1B-2 will now include all the high-risk critical workers in certain congregate settings, and there will be no age distinction among them. This essentially means that 1B-2 will include all the critical workers who were previously in phases 1B-2 and 1B-4. 

*January 25 DCYF announcement: DCYF has worked with DOH to identify who will be eligible for upcoming phases. Our entire array of services (including foster parents, congregate care, CIHS, ESIT, child care, ECEAP…) will be eligible in Phase 1B2/1B4. The difference between the two phases will be based on age. To be eligible for Phase 1B2, you must be over 50 years old. The rest of the workforce will quality under Phase 1B4.

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