Foster Parents–We Need Your Input!

Foster Parents–We Need Your Input!

To our valued foster parent partners:

We need your help to assess our current foster care rate assessment and levels of care. In order to gather this information, we are completing a survey of foster parents across the state. Your participation is very important.  The survey asks questions about a child placed in your home by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Your responses will allow us to better support foster parents and the children for whom you provide love and care.

We have contracted with Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) to distribute the survey and help us assess the rate levels and payments. Over the next month, PCG will contact you via email from the following email account:

[email protected]

If you have more than one foster child, PCG will identify which child you should consider while completing the survey. The survey period will occur during May 2019, and the email you receive from PCG will specify the survey period start and end dates.

Caregivers can expect to spend around 15 minutes to complete the online survey.  The information that you provide will be confidential and your participation is voluntary.  Your name will not be associated with your answers. Any reports that result from the survey will not include your name or the name of the child you are considering when completing the survey. DCYF will also be entering all survey submissions into a drawing to receive one of five $50-dollar Amazon credit prizes. Thank you so much for your time and for the care you provide every day!


Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) and

Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG)

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