GiveBIG/#GivingTuesday: deadline extended to May 15

GiveBIG/#GivingTuesday: deadline extended to May 15

To allow people extra time to complete donations, GiveBIG will continue accepting payments until May 15. If you’d been thinking about it, you have another chance!

To help nonprofits that were scrambling to deal with an influx of clients, or move their services from in-person to online or suddenly start serving a different need altogether, Give Big and Giving Tuesday have partnered to do a massive fundraising push on May 5-6. Nonprofits have already created pages on the Give Big site, and on May 5th the early fundraising totals will become visible and (in many cases) match money will become available.

There are dozens of organizations in WA that work to help foster kids at all points of the system – if you know of some with a Give Big page that we’ve missed, please add it in the comments!

(FPAWS does not have a Give Big page – but we always welcome donations!)

Support for kids in care or aging out of care

Foster/adoption agencies

Support for families at risk

CASA organizations, legal groups

Advocacy groups (offers 2x match, 3x for >$3k)

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