Introducing: Skookum Academic Mentors (SAM)

Introducing: Skookum Academic Mentors (SAM)

When families volunteered to welcome a child into their home, none of us had remote schooling during a global pandemic built into our expectations. But there are still children—more every day—in need of a safe place to learn and grow. So Skookum is rising up to support families in a unique and creative way.

Now that Whatcom County students are learning from home, we want to support you and your family’s educational goals.Skookum Academic Mentors are well-versed in remote learning platforms and ready to help keep your kids on track with weekly sessions.

Let us help!

You have enough going on without adding remote school on top of it all.

A Skookum Academic Mentor can keep track of a child’s progress, so you can focus on creating a safe loving environment for them at home.

Keeping kids (safely) engaged & on track: Children in foster care often have a lot of academic ground to make up. Many require extra support to succeed in a traditional classroom. During remote school, an academic mentor can do that and tutor in specific areas of need.

Best part: no mom-taxi!

Our mentors work with kids (one family at a time) here in the tutoring room we’ve established at our office. And we’ll get them there and back safely. No drive time for you!

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