Mark Fullington Amazing 300 Letter, Please Read!

Mark Fullington Amazing 300 Letter, Please Read!

I just want to share the letter Mark Fullington, Executive Director of Community & Family Service Foundation wrote to their foster parents in support of our Foster Parents Association of Washington State. If you feel the urge to add your name to the list of supporters, go to  and invest –Mike

September 20, 2015

Dear Foster Parents,

WOW! I hope you noticed the increase in compensation on your foster care check. Here are the increases beginning this pay period:

Age 0 – 5 $138.32 Increase
Age 6 – 11 $182.31 Increase
Age 12 – 21 $127.70 increase

You need to know the main reason you are seeing this increase is FPAWS (“Foster Parents Association of Washington State”) and the tireless effort they put in for you. FPAWS is largely volunteers who champion foster parents and have your best interest in mind.

My purpose in writing you this note is not only to let you know about the wonderful work FPAWS does, but also let you know they have needs as well. FPAWS needs to be funded. As a non-profit they are in business due to the generosity of donors.

CFSF is raising the flag for FPAWS and asking that you prayerfully join us in this effort. We pledge to continue our support of their events (including the upcoming mini-conference in Bremerton this November) and are hoping you foster parents will find it in your hearts to help this organization which is so committed to helping you.

Included with this letter you will find a pledge card. It is a simple, quick and easy way to show your support of FPAWS and their work.

1. Read pledge card and fill out information. 2. Decide on an amount you would like to donate to FPAWS and it will be deducted from your foster care reimbursement. We are asking you to consider $9.00/month. This $9.00 is relatively small, but if multiple foster parents give we can make a difference for this outstanding organization.Thank you all for the work you are doing with children. We are truly blessed by your actions.



You can go to  to make your pledge. Mike

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