Permanency from Day One

Permanency from Day One

This is a monthly newsletter that highlights all the great work that is going on throughout the state with the Permanency from Day One Grant! For more information about the grant, click the link here:

Good News Stories for the Month

Stephanie Bieber

During a recent PPM, the father appeared apprehensive about working with the caseworker and DCYF in general. Upon speaking with the father, the team learned more about his situation and his fear of not being able to see his children. The team was able to join with the father by creating a plan to help alleviate his concerns. (Region 4)

During a recent pre-meeting, the caseworker identified several possible relative placement options through relative search responses. The facilitator contacted those individuals to invite them to the upcoming PPM. An uncle, who had been quite close to the mother when she was younger, as well as other maternal relatives attended the meeting. The uncle explained that he’d responded to relative inquiry letters in the past, but assumed the mother didn’t want to have contact. The mother assumed the same after not hearing from her uncle during previous out-of-home placements of her own. The mother and uncle have re-established regular communication, providing invaluable support to the mother now and beyond the dependency as well. (Region 1)

The PFD1 Grant serves a subset of cases referred to as “length of stay” cases where youth have been in care for more than 12 months. Recently one of the first PFD1 length of stay cases had a successful case closure following the finalization of an adoption. Prior to this the youth had been in care for 4.5 years. (Region 4)

Stephanie Bieber

A mother revealed during the PPM that she feared her children were being adopted, and her concerns were discussed thoroughly. Other family members had purposefully miscommunicated information to the mother with intent to discourage her from participating further in reunification efforts. The mother was able to voice her fears and explain decisions she’d made based on those fears. The meeting allowed for plans to be made that were agreeable to all parties, and the mother was provided with positive support and additional resources to help her move forward with reunification. (Region 6)

“I am on a case selected for the pilot program for (PFD1) case intervention. I’ve felt frustrated at times by relatives who complain about out of home placement, but did not act protectively themselves to prevent this from occurring.  During the PPM, this concern was presented in positive terms regarding what the relatives could do to reduce the risk of future placement. Nobody in the meeting was alienated.  The facilitator was kind and sympathetic and respectful to each person. Everyone had a chance to speak and ask questions. Information was used to come up with a plan, a vision for achieving permanent placement. Everyone now understands what needs to happen, when and who needs to do it. I am grateful for PFD1 involvement. Thank you for the pilot program.”

Legal Partner, Region 1

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