Pride Month Terminology lesson

Pride Month Terminology lesson

From the Office of Tribal Relations, DCYF

Our commitment as an agency to protecting children and youth is as much about their emotional and behavioral health as it is about their physical safety. We have a deep commitment to equity in how we meet the needs of children and youth of all racial, ethnic and religious affiliations.

Read Gov. Inslee’s LGBTQ Inclusion and Safe Places Initiative Directive

It’s important that we show support of children, youth and colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+. Part of that includes knowing terminology and using it correctly.
L: Lesbian; a female identified person who is attracted to other identified females. A more common term utilized by Gen Xs or Boomers.
G: Gay; traditionally a male identified person who is attracted to other identified males. Also may be used as an identifying term by any LGBTQ+ person.
B: Bisexual; a person who is attracted to both identified female and male persons. A bridge term between Gen Xs, Gen Ys, and Gen Zs. Most surveyed youth identify as Bi or Pan.
T: Transgender; a person whose gender identity is not aligned with their biological sex/sex assigned at birth. This exploration can start at any age and is not a reflection of sexual orientation.
Q: Questioning; a person who is exploring, discovering or identifying themselves and a normal part of all human development. Those who are questioning can often be our most vulnerable.
Q: Queer; formally a derogatory term which is being reclaimed as an all-encompassing identity for sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Please note: do not use this term unless it is used by an individual first.
+: Plus; respectively honors identities not specifically named in the LGBTQ acronym such as Pansexual, Gender Non-Binary, Two Spirit and Intersex. 
What is Two Spirit?
Two-Spirit is a person of First Nations or Native American descent possessing both a male and female spirit. Similar terms exist around the world for Indigenous Peoples. Two Spirit is a newer term, coined in the 90s, as original terms were colonized out. Watch the following videos to learn more:
“Two Spirit” – Injunuity
What Does “Two-Spirit” Mean? | InQueery | them.

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