Racial equity and social justice

Racial equity and social justice

update 6/24 – this article is a great addition to the conversation https://chronicleofsocialchange.org/opinion/white-privilege-in-child-welfare-what-racism-looks-like/44662

In the wake of Juneteenth, it is worth thinking about the disparate impact of the child welfare system on children and families of color. In New York, one county managed to reduce this disparity by using race-blind removal decisions – now to be implemented across the entire state.

In WA, racially disproportionate representation in foster care continues to be an issue, and eliminating these is a long-term goal of the department.

The Department of Children, Youth, and Families has set several outcome goals for children, youth, and families. Overarching all of these is the goal to eliminate disparities so that race and family income are no longer predictors of well-being. The racial equity and social justice framework offers a shared approach to building systems that support each and every child, young person, and family to thrive. It includes principles, definitions, and key concepts to help us understand and address the root causes and underlying drivers of racial inequities. This is a working document and will change over time.

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