“Save Our Spot” a history

“Save Our Spot” a history

Why “Save Our Spot”? 


FPAWS has been putting together Mini-Conferences and the Pacific Northwest Caregivers conferences for over a decade. We keep doing them because attendees tell us they are great! For the last several years we have held the PNWCC at Great Wolf Lodge. In the beginning we put out a sign-up list which filled in a few days. Then we had to create a waiting list which often equaled the number of folks on the sign-up list.

The number of rooms is limited by GWL. As we get closer to the event, we have to give GWL numbers for meals. They would send us a list of folks that used our discount code to reserve rooms. For various reasons, that list never matched the list of folks on our sign-up list. We wanted to have enough rooms for folks that said they were coming, but the rooms were gone before many of our folks could get their rooms. Very few people from the waiting list ever got a room. 

So, we came up with a plan to try to make certain caregivers wanting to go to GWL got a room. Because some folks on the sign-up list, ended up not going to the Conference, folks on the waiting list got a last-minute phone call. You can see the problem with that. So, to make this event as stress free as we could, Save Our Spot was born. The $25 helps a little when it comes to having some investment in signing up. It also gives us some funds to buy surprises for those that got on the Save Our Spot waiting list.

Save Our Spot is a donation for which you will get a computer-generated receipt when you sign up. We then give folks on the list the discount code a one week before we release the code to the masses. The date of release is on the SOS website each year. Once the code is released, we lose control over who uses it. So save your money to be ready to reserve your room in the week we send you the code. 

When we started going the GWL again in September, the same problems existed. So we do Save Our Spot then as well.

We want caregivers to be happy! We want to reward them for stepping up and caring for these kids. FPAWS is you! We are mostly volunteers that are doing or have done what you are doing. Some Board members have been in foster care, grew to do foster care and have adopted. Others on the FPAWS Board understand the commitment you are making and are committed to do their best to support you. 

if you still have questions, just write us at [email protected] . 

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