What Happens When Foster Parents Mentor for Success

What Happens When Foster Parents Mentor for Success

Recently this story was shared with FPAWS Director Nancy Schader. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing this inspiring story with us.

Here is what happens when the foster parents mentor!  I had a teen mom who was unable to keep herself safe from the abusive father.  The children were put in custody, the second actually being born while mom, still in foster care, was living with a ‘not so great’ foster parent.  After the baby was born and the foster mom ‘kicked teen mom out’, the children were moved to a new foster home.  Mom couch surfed, but kept all of her visits and completed services.  It took forever in Kitsap to find a 19-year-old with no prior credit or rental history an apartment.  She finally found one in Gig Harbor.  New foster mom, picks mom up every Sunday driving from Poulsbo to Gig Harbor and back so she can have more time with her children, the entire family attends church together.  Mom gets pregnant again.  Foster parents double down and mom is invited to spend the nights before big holidays and hangs out all day on Sundays.  Foster mom continues to mentor with new new baby staying with mom.  Mom meets a new man that is great with the kids.   The Department dismisses the Dependency with the older two children.  Foster parents continue to provide support.  Mom is getting married in Poulsbo on June 21st.  Guess who helped plan the wedding and is acting as Maid of Honor, you got it, foster mom!

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