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Why support FPAWS?

Why support FPAWS?

The volunteer board of directors of The Foster Parents Association of Washington (FPAWS) has been working toward becoming a state of the art support and advocacy organization representing your voice at the Regional, State and National levels.

Some of the areas that we are currently focused on are:

  • Assuring your voice is heard by the people that can make change in the system.
  • Legislative action around laws that impact out of home care
  • Centralizing a system to capture the concerns of caregivers to provide data to help direct the focus of the HB 1624 Foster Parent Consultation Team
  • Foster care phone line for comprehensive resource, referral and information sharing (1-800-391-2273)
  • Serving on a variety of Children’s Administration committees and work groups
  • FPAWS Board Regional Representatives can be utilized as a local resource for collaboration, fundraising and advocacy efforts
  • FPAWS meetings in each region to bring together local resource providers, to share information with caregivers, as well as offer training hours
  • Development of a comprehensive resource web site
  • Collaboration with Washington Federation of State Employees
  • Collaboration with the National Foster Parent Association to bring your voice to the national level
24/7 support hotline
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