YouthBuild Yakima is recruiting

YouthBuild Yakima is recruiting

YouthBuild is a program to help reach disengaged youth aged 16-24, that provides job training and GED education at no cost to the participant.

Though most of us are currently working from home or in some altered capacity, the YouthBuild staff at OIC of Washington is still recruiting for the next YouthBuild cohort. We are currently redesigning our YouthBuild Construction Plus, GED, and career exploration offerings so that the program can operate as soon as it is safe to do so. Although our target date for beginning the next cohort is still in flux, we are collecting contact information from people who are interested in the program. We will contact them as plans evolve.

Individuals can apply to be in YouthBuild if they are aged 16-24, disengaged from school and meet one of the criteria below:

  • Low income
  • Youth in or aged out of foster care 
  • Youth with a disability 
  • Child of an incarcerated parent
  • Migrant Youth
  • Youth Offender

Once we have their contact information, eligible youth will be invited to participate in the selection process for the next cohort. YouthBuild contact information is below and on the attached flier. Please share far and wide to anyone in the Upper Valley who may know someone who would benefit from this program. 

Those interested in YouthBuild should contact one of these OIC employees:

Katy Scofield, instructor: 509-454-4611 / [email protected]

Kimberley Pualani, case manager: 509-457-2931 / [email protected]

Haydee Barbosa, program director / [email protected]

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