New Rate Schedule 2015

New Rate Schedule 2015

6/22/2020 – this post is about the rates introduced in 2015. See this newer post for the 2020 change in foster care rates.

July 6, 2015

TO:                 Children’s Administration All Staff

FROM:          Jennifer A. Strus, Assistant Secretary  

                        Children’s Administration

SUBJECT:     Increase to the Foster Care Basic Rate – July 1, 2015

With the legislature’s passage of the budget, the foster care basic rate will increase to the following amounts effective July 1.  

0 to 5 years$423.68$562.00
6 to 11 Years$500.69$683.00
12 & Older$575.30$703.00
AGE OF CHILDBASICLEVEL II (includes Basic Rate)LEVEL III (includes Basic Rate)LEVEL IV (includes Basic Rate)
0 to 5 years$562.00$739.92$1,085.51$1,364.30
6 to 11 Years$683.00$860.92$1,206.51$1,485.30
12 & Older$703.00$880.92$1,226.51$1,505.30

Fee tables and codes are being updated in FamLink and on-line. 

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